What is the best time to travel to Thailand?
Thailand is a tropical country, with average temperatures varying from 19° - 40° Celsius and humidity between 65% and 85%. Thailand has three seasons: Cool and dry: November to March, average temperatures 20° - 30°C, low humidity Hot and humid: April to June, average temperatures 30° - 40° (some regions in the Northeast even sometimes up to 48°) high humidity, regular rain * Intermediate season: July to October, average temperatures 26° - 38°, medium humidity, regular rain * * Thailand does not have a typical rainy season. In the hot and intermediate seasons usually heavy tropical showers take place mostly late afternoons or at night. All-day rains occur very seldom. Especially July to October are very pleasant months and perfect for golf and/or bargain hunting, as prices are "rock bottom".
Do I need a visa or vaccination?
For a touristic stay up to 30 days nationals of most western countries do not need visas. Nationals of another 80 nations can obtain visa on arrival. If in doubt please check with your local Thai embassies or consulates; there is also information on the web available on an official web site of Thai immigration.
How much is the time difference?
Thailand time is GMT +7 hrs., during summer saving times accordingly 1 hour less.
Are there limitations on currency?
No, you can bring in any amount in foreign currency and take out about US$ 1,500.- or any amount exceeding this if declared on arrival.
Are credit cards accepted?
Major credit cards are widely accepted. Cash money can be withdrawn at banks or teller machines in local currency.
Where do I exchange best?
According to our experience you always exchange better in Thailand. There are banks at the airport and official money changers downtown open nearly around the clock. Banks are open during business hours. When you book with us we gladly will state per e-mail the current rates of exchange for comparison and your information.
Can I bring electric appliances?
Thailand has 220 volts, 50 cycles, in most cases you will need an adapter which can be bought locally or supplied in limited numbers by your hotel. Outlets for electric shavers can be changed also to 110 volts, most hotels supply hairdryers either in your room or free of charge at the reception.
Is it worth shopping?
Thailand is a shopper’s paradise for jewelry, silks, art and handicrafts, fashion and many other things. As this topic is very complex - also with regards to fakes - we rather give you all relevant information with your travel information kit.
Are there any risks with food and drinks?
In general not. Hotels and good standard restaurants are absolutely safe. As the water from the tap is not drinkable hotels will supply free of charge drinking water in your room. At hawkers or food stalls the food is as fresh as in the restaurants, hygienic institutions e.g. facilities for thoroughly cleaning dishes, glasses and cutlery are practically nonexistent. As a rule it is safe as long as you eat from your hand or the wrapping. If you obey these rules it is a very unique and delicious experience. Thai cooking is renowned to be amongst the best kitchens in the world and rightfully so. Some dishes can be very hot but the majority of Thai food is not spicy and you can order several degrees of spiciness. All in all we are sure you’ll love our food!
How can I get to Thailand?
Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, is served by most international airlines and charter carriers with many nonstop and direct flights. Thus airfares are very reasonable. We would advise you to contact your local ticket consolidator or check the internet for the best available fare. Besides Bangkok also Chiang Mai and Phuket are international gateways.

Golf Questions


Do I need a handicap?
No, definitely not, there is only one exception in Thailand. Also you do not need proof of a membership or similar.
What do your services include?
As you are the one on holiday we happily do the rest! Our services include transfers to/from the course with a modern fleet of cars and micro buses, with all drivers speaking basic English and having mobile phones plus booking of tee times, for individual bookings up to 3 months in advance favorable green fees, fees for caddies and carts can be included in package booking of rental equipment if desired Green fees are - again with very few exceptions - very reasonable, even on weekends and holiday. They are in principle valid for 18 holes, some courses offer day green fees.
Are there "rain checks" in Thailand?
No, but if you have to break a round and cannot continue - which is rarely the case - most clubs will generously offer you a discount or a free reservation on another day. This is however up to the discretion of the club.
Do I have to use caddies?
With very few exceptions you do - even when using a cart. Caddies, mostly female, very expert and very friendly, pay however in principle themselves. The know the course, give you valuable hints and nearly find every ball unless of course you "find" the water. Caddie fees range from US$/€ 4 - 6; a tip of 50 - 100% of the caddy fee is always welcome in exchange for a big and happy smile.
Do I have to use carts?
As a rule not, some courses insist on using carts on busy weekends and holidays. If you walk your caddy will not carry your bag but use a pull cart. The fees for 18 holes are app. US$/€ 12 - 20. Not all courses have carts or have enough carts. If you want to use a cart we can point out the courses and pre-book carts with your tee time.
How are the club houses?
As the majority of courses was built in the last two decades or later, most club houses are very luxurious and plush. But even the facilities of older clubs - Royal Hua Hin was founded in 1924 - offer clean and sufficient services. All do have lockers and changing facilities, showers, towel service etc., bar, restaurant(s) with very moderate prices and also most often a pro shop.
Can I rent golf equipment?
Yes, most clubs offer this service. On rental are clubs, umbrellas and shoes. The latter ones are, however, mostly available in smaller Asian sizes. Pro shops, many golf shops and department stores offer equipment at very good prices.
Is there a dress code?
Yes, there is. Like internationally common - no jeans, no tank tops, no sleeveless blouses or T-shirts. Shorts and short socks are allowed.
Is golf in Thailand different?
Golf in Thailand is also played in accordance with the R&A and USPGA rules. Thais and other Asians approach the game however very relaxed - the main aim is to have fun. On weekdays clubs permit flights up to 6 players. There are no halfway houses but after every third hole you will find a kind of bar offering drinks and food. Unless the flight in front of you ask you to play through it is very impolite to do so. In general Asian golfers are very polite and friendly and many of them speak good English - it is fun to join them.

Enjoy golf in Thailand – the experience of a lifetime!

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